Writing is a mental process. It requires imagination and sharpness of mind to pound the keyboard daily or build that story over time into a book.That’s where writing prompts come in. They serve to fire your brain independently of any story idea you’re working on. Unattached to the content of the prompt the mind can spark creatively to wake up your inner genius and develop your writing capabilities.

Who knows? A random prompt may even turn out to be a gem of a story idea.

For example, what could you create from this?

Phone rang. No answer. Never know. (Mel Day)

Six word stories are a great way to kickstart your writing.
Here’s a few references about 6 word stories and a collection of such stories to give you some inspiration – pick a couple and flesh out a story from them. Take 15 minutes or write a couple of pages: set your own challenge.




Tell me I’m wrong but I see a story as having a beginning, middle and end. That is exceptionally hard to achieve in six words. Occasionally it is done.

For me most of the six word stories I see around are simply statements or headlines or thoughts. That makes them ideal for a writing prompt. It doesn’t make them a story in themselves, one that makes you think “what happened?”.

So my suggestion is, use the multitude of six stories you see around as idea starters for your writing practice. Then do some of your own six worders – and aim for a complete story in those six words. See how you go.