Just tested using Google Docs Voice tool. Holy Toledo!! Why haven’t I done this before?!?

You know, writing can be a hard slog. Tapping away at the keyboad letter by letter. It takes time. And to make matters worse, the typing is nowhere near as fast as my brain can think of things to say. So you get caught in that edit-on-the-go zone despite your best efforts to “just write”.

Well, I can talk pretty fast, maybe faster than I can think at times! I’ve had a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking, a voice to text tool, sitting unopened on my bookshelf. I’ve never made the time to actually unbox it, install it, customise it to my voice and use it. Crazy, I know.

Yet today I was messing about on Google Docs and thought I’d try the voice tool. Well, blow me down – it was quick and accurate! It could even handle my accent. After a test run of a minute or so, the text output needed just a little editing. That will get easier as I learn how to use the Voice tool better.

I’ll definitely be using this dictation service from Google in future! Call me Barbara Cartland 🙂