Author Theme

It is SOOOO hard to find a decent Author Theme or Theme for Writers. Yes, you can use a regular theme but you need to play around with an ordinary theme to make it work  okay.

I’m delighted to say I bought the theme I’m recommending here and I’m happy to give you some information about it. I’ve only just recently installed the theme and am still finessing the content and what I want to display but out of the box it’s very easy for authors and writers to be able to promote themselves and sell their books. (I need to write a few more!).

This is a pre-launch with special pre-launch pricing. I have already made some recommendations to the developers to improve the theme and make it even easier to work with. Of course, you can wait until the theme is updated – and pay a lot more. Or, you can grab your copy now – at the lowest price it will ever be – and be able to receive future updates and any bug fixes automatically.

The smart money is on buying now!

Choose which license you need and click on the image to get yours and find out more.


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Here is a link to a quick video I made and of course you can look around my site to see how it roughly works  bear in mind I haven’t finished yet so not all the functionality is deployed here.