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I’ve been writing professionally for most of my adult working life.

It had been an idea for a while to be a published author yet like so many people it seemed too daunting. Then of course there was the self doubt, the ‘what can I say that hasn’t already been said a million times’ and other negative chatter that stops us in our tracks.

So I took the plunge and plugged this book into the Amazon system just as a test to see how the whole process worked. It was very easy I have to say.

And there it has sat, without any love.

I’m dusting it off, cleaning it up and very soon it goes back on sale at a much higher price. So you may want to grab the unimproved version now at the current rate.

Click on the image to head over to Amazon to find out more about it.

Become an Expert!

One of the biggest barriers to realizing your potential is low self esteem.

Self esteem is a fundamental element of being human. We each have a sense of self worth. Being able to Feel good about yourself and having reasonable self confidence should be normal and yet for many it isn’t. How cqn you possibly claim your expertise if you have a poor self belief?

To capitalize on your talents you need to be able to set and achieve goals. It’s not unusual for poor self esteem to impact our ability to attain those goals. Think about it: if you have problems feeling good about yourself, it’s hard to recognize your capacity for achievement.

This informative and practical book is about not giving in to negatives perceptions of yourself. It’s about reaching in and finding what’s special and unique about you so that you can readily and easily bring your talents to the world.

You can do it!